Sample Environmental Scanning Report


(Disclaimer: this was done as a J350 class assignment with a hypothetical assigned client, I did not personally work with Snapchat).

Environmental Scanning Report #1: Snapchat

The New York Times published an article by Emily Steel on December 31, 2014 entitled “Snapchat Plans A Global View of Tonight’s Festivities”. The article describes how on New Year’s Eve, the popular app known as Snapchat will “stitch together photos and videos from users at celebrations” in major cities, such as New York, which users will be able to view on the app. However, the most emphasized point is the great leap that Snapchat is taking. According to the article, Snapchat will additionally “distribute the news stories to video feeds in Times Square, the first time that the service will send its content from the app to another medium”. Ultimately, the article explains Snapchat’s plans for the New Year’s Festivities in significant detail with a decidedly positive voice.

Overall, this article has positive news coverage about Snapchat. Not only does the article give a detailed overview of the app’s New Year’s Eve plans, but conveys the great strides Snapchat has made in terms of social media platform and worldwide phenomenon. It contains a quote from Richard Greenfield, a media analyst from BTIG Research. Greenfield states that “‘Snapchat’s story feature has exploded in popularity and has enabled Snapchat to evolve into a one-to-many broadcast media platform, with consumers creating vast amounts of content on a daily basis’”. While it does mention that Snapchat is not nearly as big as other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, it has grown faster, 55 percent in the last year alone. Essentially, the article makes positive claims about Snapchat’s expansion as well as its prominence in the world of social media, all while showing data to support these claims.

Snapchat’s New Year’s Eve Festivities are a major business opportunity and they need to use it to network and grow as a social media platform by reaching all corners of the world with their own brand of consumerism. They need to use this opportunity to gain more traction on competitors Facebook and Instagram.




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