MEAT the Real Problem: Infographic

Truth or Drought



Why Truth or Drought?

For my infographic assignment, I chose to focus on Truth or Drought, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness on the impact that animal agriculture has on water depletion (i.e., the California drought).  Household use only accounts for about 5% of total water use, while animal agriculture accounts for over 50%.  As a vegan and passionate environmentalist, this assignment came from a very personal place, because it was causes like this that convinced me to give up meat and dairy.

One of the common, not to mention ignorant, arguments that vegans encounter is the myth that people need meat and dairy to be healthy.  In fact, the opposite is true: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of not only most environmental problems, but also Western health issues, such as diabetes.  Strong research has shown that red meat consumption is one of the main causes of cancer risk, heart disease, and diabetes.  While Truth or Drought’s main cause is the environmental impact of animal product consumption, I thought that they might benefit from addressing veganism’s greatest opposition (i.e., the misinformed omnivore) and making a statement about the immense health benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.